Thursday, 16 February 2012

Trigonometric Points :) 

 Just to refresh your memory,,, The Unit Circle is
 compromised of the Big 17 !?! 17 angles which in
 turn have radians to match each.

And because that is not confusing enough lets see
 how much more we can remember ...

First the easiest... :) (90 degrees) since the x-axis goes as far as one we know that the radius of the circle is going to be 1 :)...

Next the 45 degree angles (1/sqrt2= 0.7 )

Since you know the point in the first quadrant you can  figure out the other 3...negative y for the second,,, negative x and y for third and negative x for the fourth :)

Now for the 30 degree angles... an easier way to remember sqrt3/2 and 1/2 is 0.9 and 0.5 !


If you were paying attention ;) you should now realize that these coordinates are the opposite of the last set of coordinates that we looked at :)

Not only do we have to remember 17 degrees and 17 radians we also have to remember 17 coordinates !!! which makes a total of 51 things to remember!!! :o WHATT ????

 BUT>>> for the coordinates there is only 2 that you need to remember !!! :) ! because if you rmember the first quadrant than it is easy to figure out the rest !!!

The End :)